Monday, October 17, 2005

Specialist in Humanities and International Services

So...I live in Japan.

I have a visa in my passport saying that I'm a specialist in humanities and international services. It sure sounds nice, but quite simply I'm an English teacher, have been for over fifteen months. I quantify it like that, because every time I call my family or friends back home, the first or second question usually is, "So, when are you coming home?" (if it's the second question, the first is "So, do you have a girlfriend yet?")

I think, barring any wildly lucrative opportunities back home, I have been able to stick to the answer of "I'm waiting out the Bush years." That's right, I have exiled myself to the other side of the world, trapped among video game arcades, fresh air, Japanese pop culture and plenty of pretty women. Yes, it is a dismal experience. Truly, it is.

That's all I gotta say, I'm sure there's more to say later. I seem to screw up big introductions, so let's not make this bigger than it should be.


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