Thursday, July 16, 2009

Don't believe Beckham for a minute

At the same time MLSNet headlined that Beckham "reaffirms commitment" to the league, a separate article has indicated that the Galaxy player will ask for another loan to AC Milan at the end of the season.

This is not about where is the best venue to allow players to best prepare for their national team's run through the World Cup. If it was and the Eurosnobs have their way, there is no point in having a league in the United States. But there is something much more fundamental than that.

A man's word is his bond. Loyalty is paramount. Beckham cannot for one moment claim a commitment to team and teammates while talking about personal ambition. American soccer fans should not be upset that Beckham went to Europe. Rather, they should feel insulted that someone who claims to espouse professionalism and leadership brought none of it to the American game for the past three seasons.

If the league does the right thing (which may not be the most successfully financial thing - and MLS does just fine without Beckham as it has shown in the first half of the season), it will value Beckham's supposed, even mythical, professionalism and commitment above all else and not allow one player to be so selfish as to handicap and cripple one team for a second time, at least quite so easily as the first.


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