Wednesday, November 25, 2009

For anyone who is wondering

One HUGE drawback about laptops is that many of the essential components are proprietary (if, say, you break the keyboard on that expensive model of yours - which I did once - that's pretty much it for you unless you feel like paying for expensive repairs and shipping to and from the in-house service center quite likely back in America), much unlike desktops where you can go to the hardware store if you feel like tinkering with the desktop computer with new and replacement parts.

Why do I mention this? Because now that I left my AC adapter in Shizuoka after giving a presentation, I'm without a home computer until my friend ships the adapter back to me this weekend. Since mine was bought in the States, I can't easily buy one in Japan, so I'll be waiting for at least a few days. upload of the cultural presentation until next week. No regular email, no bill payment, no Fish World. Wonderful.

On the other hand, it is blissfully quiet in the apartment...