Monday, October 17, 2005

Overheard: Rice on Polls

I was listening to Condoleeza Rice on Meet the Press on my way to work today. All my favorite blogs are focusing energy on the fact that Rice just absolutely killed her own administration's original argument to go to war in Iraq (see Crooks and Liars).

I have something else to pick apart:

"And I just want to be very clear, the key here is that the Iraqi people have expressed their views and we'll wait to see what their views are."


"Well, Tim, I don't know what to make of the polls, and I'm not myself one who tends to put much faith in polls, and what questions are asked and how they're asked."

The latter, of course, is in reference to the news that Bush has no greater than 2% approval from the African-American community. But someone in each situation asked a group of people a question, and asked them to express their views. Is it only in America where the practice of democracy is suspect?


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