Monday, May 15, 2006


(no need to translate, there's no special meaning that you'll want to recite like some animated hero from Gundam executing his attack as if his opponent cares what he's saying)

So, I will be at Anime Boston four days after I return to America. Prepare for jet lag.

If you will be there, please stop by Panels 101 at the Hynes Convention Center, where I will give the panel titled "Japanese Language Basics" on Friday at 1:30PM. It is two hours and will entail a model lesson in the middle, so you'll definitely want to stick through the entire panel.

But wait, there's more!

Jackie Lavanche, my new best friend and panel coordinator at the convention, has generously given me three more spots during the weekend to give additional one-hour Japanese classes. Like the main panel, they will be for elementary students. Please look me up on Saturday at 10PM, and Sunday at 10AM and 2PM, either in Panels 101 or in the Workshop room.

Rest assured, I will be promoting these panels during the convention, so if you are not certain, information will be abundant at convention time.

Of course, the natural tendency will be to ask what Japan is like; so track me down while in Boston, I can go on and on about life over here.


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