Thursday, August 24, 2006

That's so not cool

The New York Red Bulls lost to DC United in the US Open Cup tonight. I would've watched on MLSLive, but it seems they couldn't find it in them to tune to the right channel when the time came.

This brings the team's record in all games under coach Bruce Arena to 0-3-1. The former US coach is still looking for his first win since the Send-Off Series that sent a European-centered, experience-assumed USMNT to its one-point debacle in Germany. Teams under Arena, in games since the start of the World Cup, have a disturbing goal differential of 5-14.

It is awfully tempting to demand results right away, especially when his immediate predecessor, interim coach Richie Williams, righted the ship with a five-game undefeated streak going into the All-Star break, and no one had any preconceptions about ABMOD's ability to manage a team.

And DC United at home can't be discounted; despite recent stumbles, they have generally ran away with the Eastern Conference and are eight points clear of FC Dallas in the contest for the honorary Supporters Shield.

For sure, some things are looking up for the team. A stadium deal is in place, Youri is back to finish out what may very well be his farewell season, Wolyniec has returned home and Guevara hasn't thrown a fit in awhile.

But at the end of the day, New York is out of the Open Cup, and winless in August. Its only hope for accolades rests in getting out of fifth place and into playoff contention, and postseason history has been very unkind to the team. Yes, there's alot of time left in the calendar. It hasn't gotten dark yet, but someone's heading for the light switch.


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