Friday, August 04, 2006

Political Romper Room

From Sunday 'til next Tuesday, I'll be in Connecticut to help get out the vote in next week's primary. Yes, I've donated my money to Ned Lamont. Even in 2000, I never liked Lieberman and I have no reason to change that. Typecast me as a (very minor) member of the blogosphere, but the left has always been vocal about issues such as Iraq, security, the economy and religious encroachment. For a million reasons, however, they have seldom been able (or even willing) to voice their opinions at the polls - you've seen Nancy Pelosi get booed by war protesters for suggesting that liberals need to vote out Republicans in Washington. But let's not kid ourselves; the very Election Day where the left turns out in the overwhelming numbers that are possible is the day the conservative base of the Republican Party crumbles into dust, and the centrist likes of McCain and Hagel are seen as right-wing extremists.

There are a few but growing number of vehicles through which the Democratic Party can channel that kind of support. Ned Lamont is one of them. So, I will be crossing the state line to volunteer my time next week.

Like the jingle goes, though, there are no songs about Connecticut. So I wonder if I won't be bored out of my mind while I'm there.


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