Saturday, April 21, 2007

80 in a 65 zone

I was gunned down by police radar on the way to Boston yesterday. $170 ticket. What's the problem in Massachusetts that (1) the fines need to be that high in order to serve as an adequate deterrent and (2) the police chase down the car at the tail end of the flow of traffic?

So yes, obviously I'm still sore about it. Yes, I'm guilty. It's my blog, you're going to let me vent, even if I'm wrong.

But anyways, Anime Boston 2007 has been going well so far. I make 100 copies of handouts for every panel, and we ran out by the first half hour of the main Japanese Basics panel. Three panels to go, and it's already a success!

Spent last night at the hotel bar, with the Red Sox game on, and the bartender happens to be a Yankee fan. The guy next to me was a Yankee fan. I think one of the cooks was a Yankee fan. Despite the Boston myth, it's not exactly like wearing a Mets cap in the Bronx.

Going now. By request, I will upload the presentation slides for Japanese Basics to my website after the convention is over. For now, all the other handouts are at my website


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