Monday, April 02, 2007

Clint Mathis: Take Two

The Galaxy get Beckham, the Fire get Blanco...we get Reyna and Mathis.

And while all four were pivotal for their countries in the 2002 cycle (a PK vs. Argentina, the WC qualification of Mexico, spirited efforts against Mexico and Germany, and a goal against Korea, respectively), it is not possible that the value of the last two combined add up against either of the first two alone.

I like Clint. I think he was under a really bad coach in OZ during the old MetroStars days, and I wanted him to do well in Germany when I didn't have so much contempt for Europe and its corrosive influence on American soccer. But his time has come and, with the likes of Altidore and Wolyniec, even with a less than effective strike force I don't see Mathis being high up on the depth chart.

Last year saw Meola and Jolley finish out their final seasons with NY. With Mathis close behind (Jolley is one year older), NY is slowly developing a history for bringing players on for their final moments in the sunlight of professional soccer.

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