Monday, June 04, 2007

Don't encourage him

On Friday, Billy Donovan announced he would leave his high-profile job at the University of Florida to coach the Orlando Magic. Interest in a left-for-dead NBA franchise shot up. The media in Orlando gave him a standing ovation. Over 200 season tickets were sold over the weekend, according to Andy Katz.

On Sunday, there are reports going around that Donovan wants the Magic to rip up his contract because he wants to go back to Florida.

Maybe it was the pressure. Maybe he saw the list of college coaches who tanked while coaching in the NBA. Maybe he's just wishy-washy. Whatever.

Just. Don't. Encourage. Anyone. Else.

Maybe I'm the only one thinking it right now, but the soccer fan has to be reminded of another player who decided to join the professional ranks in America after fame and fortune and success elsewhere, but may have second thoughts about the whole enterprise, and could be encouraged to go to his would-be new employers and ask that they rip up his contract.

So, thank you, Billy. Way to go.

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