Saturday, April 28, 2007

Loose ends

Like I said, if you went to Japanese Basics at AB last weekend, let me know what you thought.

I wish I had the money (and the time) to do the anime con circuit during the summer, plus I'll be going to Shanghai to study which will cut into a good part of the summer break. I have to do SOME research so I can publish something and live off the profits and one day fulfill my dream of living the rest of my life in a hotel room.

One pet peeve I have of anime cons: don't pretend the elevator's full when you know it's not. I know you got your cosplay props and luggage and you really need the extra air to ventilate the fact that people don't know what deodorant is, but it is one minute out of your life when you're in that elevator. And I'm too tired at times and my bed and television and room service are waiting for me.

If you've been keeping track of my advanced Japanese lesson units, three of them should be fully complete by the end of next week.

Moving on to's nice that New York's at the top of not just the conference, but the entire league. I only watched the first half at the away HQ at Stout (had to rush home, only had time to take apart an order of onion rings and soda), and I wish I saw Freeman's goal. I guess it is starting to look like Wynne was sorta behind schedule on his development. Maybe Freeman was worth it.

The next article I write on will include the new Red Bull Meter. Keep track of that. I'd elaborate, but right now I have other things to do.


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