Monday, October 13, 2008

The GOP: the world's largest collection of cornered tigers

Three weeks to go, and with the election set to potentially hand Obama anything between a close win and a convincing landslide, the Republicans find themselves out of options and out of time.

That doesn't mean they'll definitely lose.

Battered person syndrome is kinda sad for both sides. Republicans keep begging the country to take them back, and a large part of the electorate is ready to concede.

One day (and we hope it is 22 days from now), America will say no, and Republicans just might rise up, grab the guns they "cling" to, and start shooting people.

We expected violence during the second Bush inauguration, and got none. Democrats are willing to sit out four more years for their next turn. Republicans, on the other hand, with their vitriol against Clinton and eight years of unfettered prosperity (the horror!), are not above using every dirty tactic in their playbook until they get the candy they've been begging for (how many metaphors am I going to mix today?).

I don't know how this ends. As a Democrat Abroad, among other Democrats Abroad who are far more to the left than we can afford to be back home, it's easy to sit back and watch the fireworks. I'm not on the ground in some places in purple America, where one may have to be afraid of identifying themselves as anyone left of center, and/or in support of Obama.

God help us.


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