Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just finished watching "the interview"

You know, the much-hyped interview everyone's been spending a whole week to ramp up for. And it was worth every second watching.

I'm not much of a player in the markets, but I know enough to remember that Cramer was sorta Kudlow's foil and vice versa when they co-hosted the same show, and "the enemy of my enemy" rule is always in effect. So I like the guy. I know he voted for Obama and insisted that, while economically he leaned toward the right, he was more centrist than a lot of the business commentators you'll listen to (look how Lou Dobbs Tonight turned into CNN's most conservative show; "neutral" business commentators were, overnight, turned into immigrant bashers), and socially he was liberal as they come. So I like the guy.

Which makes me sad, because he should've never gone on TDS. He shouldn't have been the face of CNBC last night. But once he took on that role, Jon Stewart had every right to take Jim Cramer to school with the business end of a baseball bat.


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