Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Eurosnobs: MLS fans should accept place in food chain

The war of words continues to escalate in the soccer blogosphere over Fangate. Did Beckham instigate? Does he deserve the verbal abuse? Should Garber suspend the fairweather Designated Player?

Here's my angle: are fans entitled to their opinions once they buy their tickets?

Ask the Eurosnobs, and apparently the answer is no, especially if you're an LA supporter or an MLS fan.

With the L.A. Riot Squad pushing back and giving their perspective to the press, some are giving Americans a piece of their mind, reminding them how awful a soccer nation the United States is, and how fans all over the world sacrifice livestock in Beckham's name for the privilege of watching him play in person.

Some comments on the article include:

Except for a small minority of LA fans most Americans that love football (soccer) understand Cappello is a hard man and if Becks didn't play in the european season he would not be in the England squad.

But this LARS group think it is all about them and take his going on loan as a personal insult.

Apparently, soccer fans are not entitled to feel insulted when their team suffers (how do you suppose we New York supporters feel at this point in the season about JCO?).

It's soccer in America why do you care so much, it's not like it matters. That being said there would have been nothing for him to escalate if the fans would have kept their pie holes shut.

It's true, just as IOKIYAR, European fans are entitled to get away with a whole slew of things. Racist taunts, pitch invasions while naked, etc. Americans, however, should just be content to sit at a game like a movie is playing.

But this one is the most telling:

I think all the cry babies need to really stop. Becks is one of the greatest players to ever play. And the U.S. is screwing it up because west coast is doing what they always do and act stuck up. We should all be gracious that he is spending his time playing in a league that is below minor leagues, and wish;s it had a quarter of the talent that plays in Europe.

To my mind, there have only been two Designated Players, Blanco and Angel, that have come to these "minor leagues" and given it what little respect the American game deserves by actually showing up and playing hard for a full ninety minutes week in and week out, while Beckham for three years, minus some bright spots few and far between, has mailed it in while going on in the press about how much he would really love to get the hell out of MLS. That's not "spending time." That's wasting time. His and ours.

5-4 at Giants Stadium in 2007 seemed so long ago. That was a game that foretold a lot of promise and progress for Major League Soccer. All David Beckham ever had to do was not spit on it by walking out. And it is walking out, whether it's for a minute or forever.

One needs only to read the views of the Eurosnobs this week to see how the biggest ego and most overrated player in the game has ruined it for American soccer.


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