Monday, October 17, 2005

MetroStars Granted Reprieve

The MetroStars beat Chivas USA 2-0 on Sunday, avoiding the humiliation of missing the playoffs and being the only team in MLS not to take full points off either of the two expansion sides.

From what I gather of the highlights (all the way over here in Japan, I do not get the privilege of seeing my home team on the Internet when they are broadcast on ESPN2), this has to have been one of the most frustrating games that my Metros played this season and still won. Hit the post three times in a half, required a fat, aging goalkeeper to put in a full effort, and still kept the shutout intact.

It's so difficult to support this team sometimes, but boy is it worth it some days.

OK, but next is New England...

EDIT - NO WAY do the Metros deserve sixth place in the ESPN rankings, above LA and Colorado.


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