Tuesday, May 16, 2006

"Yo, that's awesome"

...is literally what I said at the end of watching the video clip in question.

So, one Guy Goma, mistaken for Guy Kewney, an IT expert called upon by the BBC to give his take on the recent Apple trademark nonsense (despite how much I love my iPod, I will always be a PC guy, and can't help but not take it seriously as I read about it), gets to go on television and offer some keen insight into the inevitability of media downloading.

Mr. Kewney, who was waiting in reception at the BBC, watching the television as his double ("double", that's funny; compare the white, bearded IT professional to the Congolese IT jobseeker) steals his lines, wrote about it on his own blog.

It is true; anyone can make the big time.


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