Sunday, July 23, 2006

No goals allowed in 327 minutes

I just got back from the Red Bulls game, the first I've been able to go to since moving back home. I'd write a longer post but I took a few wrong turns on the Merritt Parkway after waiting in line at a crowded Jersey gas station, so I have no energy left.

But I will say this: I still worry about the parts of the team, but together they seem to have the chemistry to grind it out and produce results. I mean, the defense is horrible, but that means Conway has his chances to put in some stellar performances. The offense can't put it on goal often enough, but they do just enough to get points. And the midfield doesn't know how to pass into space, but they can pack numbers in the back when they absolutely need to.

Still needs alot of work, and the wins aren't that impressive if only one of the three victories came against a team currently fighting for a playoff spot, and the last one in the West at that. But RBNY has definitely taken advantage of their best opportunities. Things really are looking up.

Oh, and I forgot how expensive a hot dog was at Giants Stadium. I really should put in more hours at work.