Thursday, July 20, 2006

One month

No posts since last month. Yeah, I was really down. I don't even think I have the heart to post the pictures and videos from USA-Ghana. It just reminds me too much, is all. Maybe sometime when I'm free, especially if you bug me about it.

Let's see, what's happening lately? Nothing too much out of the ordinary. I have been busy with family reunions and re-entry shopping (something I've coined to mean shopping necessary to adjust to life in the States again). The one thing I do want to do is rebuild infiniteDeferral, and that starts with creating a website for Japanese lessons. I've already installed a portal, now I need a catchy name and enough lessons for the thing to be called a website. Yeah, that's gonna take time.

In the meantime, I have applied for hosting Japanese panels at AnimeUSA in Virginia (November) and Katsucon in Washington (next February). Both applications look promising, and I hope to have some new stuff mixed in with the old, in my ongoing effort to develop Japanese Language Basics. It's my baby, I have to nurture it.

Did you notice how the world began to fall apart shortly after the end of the World Cup? I don't believe it's a coincidence.

New York beat Columbus, for a season-high two-game winning streak. Two of the best games put together this season...and Djorkaeff hasn't played either one. Sadly, I don't think it's a coincidence either. He and Guevara never really played for each other, so the latter has begun to shine in the former's absence. Wonder what would happen when Youri comes back.

You know, every time a conservative brings up global warming, in their subconscious lies the urge to make a crack about how cold it is outside, since it's February and every street is a wind tunnel. God, that kind of day seems like ages ago.

Speaking of which, the mileage on my Scion, which I bought because of the supposedly great gas mileage, horribly fails my expectations. And I leased it the very week before the Yaris came out. I would love to have one of those now.

The water's boiling. Time to put in the pasta.