Wednesday, June 07, 2006

It just occurred to me...

Whenever we Democrats want to do something that we think is good, Republicans tag it as "political" and urge the American public to reject it, against their own interests. How come when they talk about gay marriage and immigration - all of a sudden, the two biggest evils some hidden verse in the Bible has forbidden - we can't say the same thing in return?


I really did forget how pompous Fox News was. But there was also a stretch of fifteen minutes that I was watching while preparing fried chicken that the broadcast jumped from Gregg Jarrett to Patti Ann Brown and back to one more person (can't remember now). They were all former NBC News personalities! And I swear to you, they all looked so neutral and objective when they were over at MSNBC. What happened!?

I'll be off to Germany on Saturday night, to arrive in Frankfurt and be in my hotel by Sunday night. USA-CZE is Monday; I will be taking tons of pictures, and you will see them here!

I do believe the foreign citizens' tax extension is coming up very quickly; have you filed for the extension yet?


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