Sunday, August 27, 2006

To Buddle: all is forgiven for the moment

Just got back from the swamp. Edson, you get a break. Congratulations. Enjoy it, I may very well disparage you again by the time the next game is over.

Some stats to ponder:
  • No team has ever lit up Real Salt Lake for six goals. Chivas USA put up five on 7/9/05.
  • MLS teams that have scored six goals in a single game have always come away with all three points.
  • If you only look at NYRB's 32 minutes in which they scored all six of their goals, their GPG turns out to be 16.875. Not bad.
  • John Wolyniec scored. Again. According to MetroFanatic, this is the fifth season in which Woly has scored for the New York MLS team. No other player shares the accomplishment.
  • Beware: the last NY player to score a hat trick (Jean Philippe Peguero against Chivas on 5/20/06) was shipped off to Europe.
All in all, a good night. Nothing worth getting the champagne for just yet, but I certainly got my money's worth tonight.


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