Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A federal election in the United States

Well I can stand beside ideals I think are right
And I can stand beside the idea to stand and fight
And I do believe there's a dream for everyone
This is our country
There's room enough here for science to live
And there's room enough here for religion to forgive
And try to understand all the people of this land
This is our country

- John Mellencamp, Our Country

They finally got this song on iTunes.

So yeah, I heard it first on all those car commercials. I think I only counted one picture "from the East coast" (the towers of light post-9/11); everything else said, "I'm a cowboy, my kid's gonna be a cowboy, time to go to the rodeo." Not exactly a complete picture of America, and if John Mellencamp wasn't in it, I would've thought he would've had concern with the imagery.

Yes, we all know you people in the flyover exist. You're the people we go to for some fresh apple pie. Just don't forget the rest of us either. We matter too. We're the science, the ideals, the "help the poor and common man" parts of the song, and something tells me you ought not to mind that. So this Election Day, we're going to serve up a big reminder: we're Americans too, and we're not going anywhere. Outvote us if you can, but nothing's going to force us off the stage. You can join us, or not. It's up to you.


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