Monday, November 20, 2006


I should've blogged yesterday and/or I should've uploaded the panel handouts today (handouts which, to be honest, are nearly identical to the handouts from AB, just search the May archives; otherwise, I'll link to them later in this post). But my cousin bought one of the last boxes of Wii at Wal-Mart yesterday, and it's just been crazy in front of the television set all night. Hey, I ain't buying one, so it's one of the few chances I get to play pretend bowling or pretend golf, and I'm going to take it.

Anime USA was a very good con. I have long outlived anime (that is, I still follow the titles I've followed when I was in junior/high school, while the newer ones are, well, not so much), but I still love going to an anime con. If I ever need a commission, it's one of the few chances I can go shopping for one. This particular convention had a great turnout for the main Japanese panel, with nearly every seat filled; our supplementary panel was relegated to the last time slot on Sunday, however. A con's Masquerade on Saturday night isn't always the meanest competition, compared to the five or six closing events on Sunday afternoon that a panel moderator has to compete with (plus, we had the Geek Comedy Tour right across the hallway, and I know they had a good turnout). No worries, I think I counted twelve or thirteen attendees who wanted one last lesson, so I'm happy with that, given the circumstances.

If you did attend my panels this weekend, please remember to shoot me an email or comment here and tell me what you thought; Katsucon is in February and I have an application pending, so it is important to know what went right so I should keep it and what went wrong so I can dump it. Mass education has so brainwashed students with the idea that their ideas don't matter, I'm saying it does, so please type up a few thoughts for me. Thanks!

Still in MD now, but I'll be taking a slow, deliberate drive back to campus for class later on tonight. Save a space for me, Waffle House.


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