Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Today's lesson

Just something I made for today. Enjoy!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Hey now, hey now

Don't dream it's over...

I plan to be at RFK and wear red, come next Sunday. I hope you will too.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

KC eliminated, on to DC

Go ahead and figure out for yourself what these NY fans were chanting.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Holding on for dear life

On the way to Nuremburg for the final US game at the World Cup, I'm waiting for the train, taking pictures on the platform in the meantime. A freight train begins to pass - and not slowing down - so I step behind the yellow line of death. Right behind it, for two steps behind the line is the stairwell blocked off by a cement wall. The words "you are in mortal danger" go through my mind, so I curl into a ball to protect my head, and hold on to my luggage as I act on my instincts to stay alive.

These days, it kind of feels like it. A continuous, unceasing fight-or-flight reaction stemming from an adrenaline rush. It is expected to go on until, say, the end of the semester.

It does, in fact, feel good.

So, if I can boast about all the things I'm doing as of late:
  • classes three days a week
  • work three days a week
  • class observation three days a week
  • two research projects
  • curling two nights a week
  • teaching ESL class once a week
  • preparation for Anime USA
  • studying for JLPT, Level 2
  • getting an oil change in the morning
That's clock management, boys and girls.

I have very little doubt that the Mark Foley story will fade in the next week or two, unless there is anything that's purely shocking coming up. One thing is assured, however: Democrats ought to gain seats in both chambers. Even if they don't take the majority in the Senate or the House, they will get mighty mighty close, leaving the GOP with the hard decision between cranking out more pork barrel spending to keep their moderates in line or *gasp* temper back their reactionary legislation to get the center-left on board. Either way, this will bring Bush one step closer to lame ducking for the remainder of his term. He won't be doing much more harm through Congress from here on out. Two more years of ineffective Republicans failing to address the problems in America certainly won't hurt Democratic candidates in 2008. So, if there isn't a huge tidal wave come next month, why not enjoy two relatively significant ones stretched out over two years? I like it too.

I get that using "Democrat" instead of "Democratic" when used as an adjective bothers us Democrats, but if that's the only purpose (honestly, I don't see how it's a dog whistle to any section of the GOP), I would say just handle it and let them act dumb.

North Korea. Bush. Democratizing the world. What a hypocrite. I have no problem understanding that his base is beginning to abandon him and this six-year, blank-check experiment/overreaction to Bill Clinton. I don't remember him being compared to Hitler like Bush is. <-- don't have the link to a university professor saying blah blah blah

I wonder how much attention the Mets will get in tomorrow's press after their win tonight. Based on all the coverage in October, chances are it won't be enough. I would not be surprised if further details of Lidle's death made up the first story of the sports section in all the papers.

Speaking of the World Cup, I think we've had a significant enough mourning period, so I'll probably sign up for a YouTube account and upload the fan videos I made while I was there. If I ever find the time. I had hopes, I had dreams...

I've watched a grand total of three episodes of "Lost," and I don't think I can recommend it. It seems to be full of characters whose previous lives totally sucked, and seem to be making a mess of their new ones. Sorry, not interested in eating chocolates after every episode to get over the depression.

I finally got my business cards, 1,000 of 'em. Only they were two business days late for the JAA conference. So, not a whole lot of productive networking that went on. Oh well, next time.

Well, that's all. Please remember to wake me in three or four hours.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Someone show me some love, please

I attended a JAA conference for teacher development in the city yesterday. Tell me, I'm not the only American / prospective Japanese language teacher in the city, am I?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dennis Miller on The Daily Show

What a tool.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Good gravy

I just listened to Mark Foley's Democratic opponent on Hardball. He had such a bad interview that I didn't take the time to remember his name. He was not surprised by the breaking of the scandal, then he was. He accused the media of sitting on the story (which, AFAIK, is true; two FL newspapers were withholding details), then he didn't. Chris Matthews absolutely tore him to shreds. If only he could've pushed Boehner over the cliff like he did whatshisname just now.

I didn't even watch it to the end. He better get polished and quick, five weeks left in this game.