Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Donut. Bagel. Lifesaver.

On the way home from the gym, I get a lottery ticket with my pack of gum. Not that I expect to win anything, but because of a superstition of mine; if I don't leave something to chance, I feel bad things will happen in a life too predictable and too controlled. You have to believe in forces greater than yourself. Or else, you've got no one to blame when it all comes down.

Hey, why do you throw pennies in the fountain?

Anyways, for the first time in I think numbers match. None of them.

I'm starting to think bad luck follows a guy around regardless of what he does. What keeps me going, though, is that it really could be a lot worse. I could've won, and lost the ticket. Or maybe I get hit by a dump truck. Whatever. I still have a nice warm bed to sleep in, so I'm doing alright.

Another three bucks for Friday's drawing.

I need coffee

So, there's this huge gap in between teaching English in the morning and going to class in the late afternoon, where I completely wander around for hours. Hang out in the park near the chessboards, or check email forty-seven times at the computer center (by the way, the Bobst library computer center is the best-looking, worst-run facility on campus), or do some reading for Thursday's classes. Anything to delay the second cup of coffee as long as possible, because I'm gonna need it real soon now.

Hey, there's this guy I saw walking down the street that, at one angle, looks like Bradley Whitford, while another angle just reminds me of one of my professors in the politics department.

I know some of you may be put off by Washington Square Park. Just go in the daytime. It's broad daylight, at least you know where the shady figures are.

Things are looking promising on a repeat performance at Anime Boston next year. They pushed it back to April, where it used to be. So...I'll see you all there?

Still waiting on a textbook I ordered from Amazon. Have to finish reading it sometime in the next 48 hours. I know teachers like to push the Internet thing over going to the bookstore and dealing with their overbloated prices ("but writers need to earn a living, too"), but it takes freakin' forever.

I so miss Japan. That's probably why I've been down lately (and, well, everyone keeps cancelling on me this week). So I'm more convinced than ever of going back in January for a week or so. It would be nice to catch up.

Okay, those are all of my random thoughts at the moment. Miss me while I'm gone.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ho hum

This week, save for classes and reading for classes, I have no plans. None at all.

Absolutely nothing to do.

:twiddling thumbs:


Strange that in the world's largest media market, it is very easy to feel disconnected.

It will pass, I know. It has to. I'll go back to feeling happy in no time. But in the meantime...

Someone. Anyone. Call me. Email me. Tell me you have time for me.

I'll be right here. Waiting.

EDIT - lack of appetite, constant search for empathy, frustration abundant, Jon Stewart not being as funny as he should could only be one thing: reverse culture shock. Four months since coming home, it has to be. Well, at least I know. Now I can go and eat some Goldfish.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Let's compromise: we get "Death of a President"

In 2004, we got "Fahrenheit 9/11." In exchange, you conservatives get "Stolen Honor."

So let's compromise again: you get "Path to 9/11," we get "Death of a President." And you get to boast that your movie is half-true. Ours is completely not true.

I think you can call that a fair deal. What do you say?

2006 MLS Paper Cup: Columbus at New York

For these two teams, it doesn't really matter if MLS switched to a single table; they'd still be one above dead last and dead last in the standings that they occupy at this point in the season.

Still, let's give them a reason to play; how about a trophy? Something that means less than the MLS Cup Trophy; that's got Alan I. Rothenberg's name on it, so it's probably pretty special. Something that means even less than the Supporter's Shield, which doesn't really mean anything. Brimstone Cup? Atlantic Cup? No, let's go lower. "Coffee Pot Cup" is already taken between the Charleston Battery and DC United, and their trophy sounds pretty comical. No, something a lot lower than that...

How about a paper cup?

Yes. The winner between the forgettable New York Red Bulls and the already-forgotten Columbus Crew will get a paper cup. And just like the Stanley Cup, you can drink champagne from it...though I wouldn't recommend using it more than once.

To be sure, neither team is out of the playoffs, even this late in the season. Just like last season, one can always hope for a last minute collapse by the Kansas City Wizards. And the Revs are a good bet to fall apart now that Twellman has declared himself underpaid and Dempsey is fabled to be dead weight waiting to happen, now that Europe has offered trading stamps and collectible bobbleheads in exchange for his transfer.

But don't be surprised if both New York and Columbus don't make the postseason. One has a former USMNT coach that has practically declared the team DOA with his delusions of adequacy, while another has rested their hopes on open tryouts to replenish their roster, which has throughout the season resembled a MASH unit, only without Alan Alda and the humor behind the writing.

Yet, there is still so much to play for. Pride is one. Let's add in bragging rights. And a paper cup.

So join us on Soccer Saturday at Giants Stadium. Watch a tradition in the making as we hand out the silverw...well, you get the idea.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Five years on

Never forgive, nor forget.

Remember, and always suspect.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Japanese Language Basics @ Anime USA 2006

Road trip!

I'll be presenting my panel, Japanese Language Basics, at Anime USA in Vienna, VA this year. We are scheduled to go on Saturday, November 18th, 1-4PM, with a followup on Sunday, November 19th, 2:30-4PM.

There will be two model lessons on Saturday and either one or two on Sunday. They will most likely NOT be the same lessons I offered at Anime Boston earlier in May, but if there are any repeats they will be on Saturday, so attendees who haven't seen it before will get to hear about the basics and background of the language.

Hey, all that will be explained at the first panel.

Let me know if you'll be there!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A new beginning

So, everything old is new again. A new semester starts for all university students - graduate and undergraduate - today.

Just putting that out there.

It has been hyped to me during orientation that dual M.A. candidates (of which I am one) represent everything my department has to offer. A little bit daunting, and add to that field work starting next month, I wonder what kind of social life I'll have left when the dust settles. This is for my career, of course, so I'll have to apply some focus.

I'm gonna watch some baseball highlights now.