Thursday, December 28, 2006

Blizzard: a mom-and-pop operation

So, I wanted to spend some extra money I got for Christmas (yes, I still get money from relatives every Christmas), and I wanted to see how much a copy of StarCraft was, or if it was being sold new at all. The first place I go is Blizzard; their online store is shut down until "early January."

On top of never going to make a sequel for the game, their production operation is such a half-assed scheme it's a wonder how they would get by if they ever stopped cranking out rehashes of Warcraft. Check out their FAQs; they find they have to defend themselves against timetables and deadlines for their game releases. Man, if I could get away with that kind of shtick when my homework's due...

Ahem. Happy New Year, everyone. :)


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